Spring 2014 is Here!

Spring 2014 is here and that means another semester of training, racing, and that oh so special team bonding. This post is here to lay out the upcoming semester for the Gamecock Triathlon Club for those interested in joining, already joined, or bored people on the internet.

We have set the practice schedule which can be found on this website. Some practices are open, while others are designated for the “Nationals Team”. Feel free to join in on any open practices as these are instructive, challenging, and fun. Be mindful that if you begin attending practices it is required to fill out the waiver as well as pay dues ASAP (find on the “Dues” section of the website). Our deadline has officially been set at January 31st to pay dues for this semester.

We have a number of races to choose from this semester as shown here:

Columbia Downtown Sprint Triathlon- A sprint triathlon that starts in Blatt and makes its way around Columbia! This is the perfect first triathlon and many USC students and other Collegiate athletes will be participating.

Early Bird Sprint Triathlon- A sprint triathlon held at the University of Georgia. Another perfect first race and also a Collegiate race!

Parris Island Sprint Triathlon- A sprint triathlon located on Parris Island itself! A flat and fast course makes for a good, early season race.

West Point Olympic Triathlon- An Olympic distance triathlon held in Georgia. This is ideal for the athlete prepared for a longer race and also looking to race Collegiately.

Clermont Draft Legal- A high intensity race suited to the more experience athlete.

Collegiate Nationals- Our top guys and girls will be competing against the best in the nation in Arizona.

For more details, links, and discount codes to these races, find them on the schedule on this website.

The best way to learn more about the club is to come to practice. See you out there!

-The Gamecock Triathletes

Gamecocks Take 4th at Conference Championships!

The Gamecocks pulled out their big guns to the Conference Championship race in October which was on SC soil in the city of Anderson. Taking a total of 9 athletes, the Gamecocks weren’t holding anything back and placed 4th among all Collegiate teams there which also placed us 4th in Conference standings for the season.

The ladies were represented by their leader Morgan Durand who placed 8th among Collegiate women in her first Olympic distance triathlon. Inspiring words from Morgan during the race were “Gotta get moving!” Truer words have never been spoken. Jamie Lawson followed Morgan with a 14th place finish as well as a large portion of spunk. Additionally, Stefanie Feltwell finished her first triathlon in 18th place out of 25 women. Pretty impressive to start your triathlon career at the Olympic distance!

The men placed 2nd at the Conference Championships with very strong finishes all around. Adam Feigh came in with a 3rd place finish after trying to chase down 2 Clemson Tigers. The fierce duo of Dan McMahon and PJ Pelaez came in 6th and 10th place and left many athletes dead along the race course to boot. President Joshua Hester came in 17th after deciding to add some extra mileage to the run with Treasurer Timothy Gibson and Graduate student Craig Pfiefer following in at 21st and 25th. Racing in the Age group category were the older gents of Ellis Forest and Coach Mike Lambert with 5th and 2nd place finishes in their respective age groups.

A great finish to a great season the Gamecocks are now up to the challenge of preparing for the next triathlon season over the cold SC winters!

Gamecocks Take 3rd to Impress at Lake Lanier

On a cool September morning, the Gamecocks showed up and were quite the force at the Lake Lanier Sprint Triathlon. The Gamecocks were represented by 10 athletes, of which it was the first triathlon for 4!

The ladies placed 2nd as a Collegiate club with a 5th and 7th place finish from Morgan Durand and Lauren Oljar respectively. Kayla Greeson and Caroline Crowder both completed their first triathlon at Lake Lanier with only a few weeks preparation!

The men placed 3rd as a Collegiate club with Adam Feigh finishing in 3rd, only 3 seconds off of 1st. Joshua Hester and Timothy Gibson finished back to back in 15th and 16th positions with Clark Asplundh coming in at 34th and Sam Swift coming in shortly after in 40th. Upon many attempts due to bad weather and other unforeseen circumstances, Chad Simmons finished his first triathlon ever coming in at 43rd to the cheers of his teammates. And never forget about Coach Mike Lambert finishing 1st in his Age group in a stellar performance by the old man at age 23.

In a Collegiate dominated field this was a very impressive showing for the Gamecocks with Conference Championships just around the corner.

Dan McMahon Places 1st Overall at Hot Dam Olympic

Dan McMahon, only 2 weeks after his Ironman debut, raced and won the Hot Dam Olympic Triathlon in Evans, GA. With a time of 2:07:30, he beat the 2nd place finisher by nearly 10 minutes! This is nearly unheard of in this distance race, but if anyone can do it, we know it would be Dan. Not holding back, Dan finished his run in 36:11, just to make sure he had time to pose for pictures before the next finisher came in. Look out for Dan as he swims, bikes, and runs into a triathlon near you!


PJ Pelaez Competes at 70.3 Worlds in Las Vegas

It was a wet morning as PJ Pelaez stepped up to the line to begin his race. This was not your local 5k, but rather a test of strength, speed, endurance, and mental fortitude drawing athletes from all over the world. The best word to describe PJ at this moment, you ask? Psyched. With an Age Group finish of 34th and a time of 5:09:41, PJ Pelaez has left his mark on Las Vegas, Nevada. After climbing the mountainous terrain by bike and foot, many a competitor may soon experience PJTSD. PJ Traumatic Stress Disorder, characterized by sweating, shortness of breath, and feelings of inadequacy, is often fatal. A great performance by a great competitor.

PJ Vegas

Adam Feigh 1st Collegiate Male at Rocketman

Senior member Adam Feigh placed 1st out of Collegiate Males at the Rocketman Triathlon in Huntsville, Alabama with a time of 2:09:47. Travelling there with Alumni and team Coach, Mike Lambert, it was a toasty August morning for the Collegiate athletes. Adam Feigh just edged out Clemson’s athletes who placed in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th for Collegiate Males. Mike Lambert placed 1st in his Age Group and recorded a PR on his bike split. This was the first SECTC race of the season and a promising start for the Gamecocks. Look out for the next race at Lake Lanier, GA for a full showing of Gamecocks!


Dan McMahon Finishes 1st Ironman!

Veteran member Dan McMahon completed Ironman Louisville in an astonishing time of 9:50:17. This placed him 3rd in his Age Group and 36th Overall! Friends and family were cheering him on throughout not only the race, but through the long hours of training as well. This is an extremely strong showing for an Ironman distance race, particularly for his first. Knowing Dan, this will only be the beginning of his journey in the sport of Ironman triathlon with many more podiums in his future!

Dan ironman

Josh Hester Completes Timberman 70.3

Congratulations to President Joshua Hester on the completion of his first half-Ironman! Josh made the 1,000+ mile trek to New Hampshire for Timberman last Friday to compete in the race on Sunday morning. With an official finishing time of 4:58:09, despite hitting the wall quite hard slightly over half-way through the run, he definitely set the bar high for future races! He also raised $1200 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and dedicated his performance to Landon Unger. What a stud! Make sure to congratulate him on a great race next time you see him. Go Josh!

Josh Timberman